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Air suspension


If technology is important, there is only one air valve brand to consider

Air Suspension Control Valves are used to automatically control the vehicle’s ride height by inflating and deflating the air suspension bellows to adjust for variations between loaded and unloaded vehicles. They are also used for cab suspensions to provide ride comfort for the operator and for bus suspension application, including kneeling capability.

Our complete line of Air Suspension Control Valves reduces your downtime and lowers your cost of ownership.

Key benefits:

  • Available with different flow rates for different type of installations
  • Low weight.
  • Suitable for both dual and single circuits
  • Offers fast and easy installation
  • Solutions available for all mechanical controlled air suspension systems

What sets us apart:

  • Robust design with several years of proven technology.
  • Industry standard in many areas.



The Colas Valve can be used to manually raise and lower the deck height of commercial vehicles and trailers.


The ILAS valve controls the lifting of one or more axles by sensing a load through the primary air suspension.


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