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ILAS Valve


The ILAS® III Valve controls the lifting of one or more axles by sensing a load through the primary air suspension. Manual and Fully Automatic versions are available. Both versions offer an adjustable pressure range to meet any lift axle application.

The Manual version automatically lowers a lift axle when a load is present and is manually raised by pushing in a buttom. The Fully Automatic version can raise and lower the axle without manual intervention. ILAS® III Valve takes the place of current systems which use multiple components, fittings and plumbing.

ILAS®-E Valve

The Haldex ILAS®-E Air Suspension System Valve can control the position of the lift axles through an electrical connection. A 12V power supply is needed to keep the lift axles in the raised position. When power is removed, the lift axles will automatically be lowered. This can be simply controlled via an electrical switch.

When coupled with the Haldex TRS System, the lift axles can be controlled to raise and lower automatically as the air suspension reacts to changing loads in the trailer. The ILAS® E / TRS System can be adjusted to react at various pressure conditions making the system versatile for single or multiple lift axle trailers.

The ILAS® E simplifies the lift axle system with four push-to-connect fittings and a standard DIN electrical connection. Traditional lift axle systems are often complex with multiple components and numerous fittings. The Haldex design combines all the functionality into an easy to use system.

Key benefits

  • Electrically controlled raising and lowering of one or more lift-axles
  • Automatic Liftaxle control
  • Optimized and easy installation
  • Compatible with Haldex EB+ and ITCM as well as other EBS Systems
  • DIN-Bayonet DIN 72585-A1-2.1 SN / K1
  • New design with lower weight. 


  • 12 V or 24 V power supply.


The ILAS valve controls the lifting of one or more axles by sensing a load through the primary air suspension.


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