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Condensing, separating, and expelling contaminants

The Haldex Consep®, a low maintenance air pretreatment condenser/separator, is especially designed for severe duty cycle applications—such as the heavy loads and frequent stops of city traffic operation.

Within the vehicle’s air brake system, the Haldex Consep condenses, separates and removes 90% of the oils, liquids, and other contaminants, while treating up to 30 CFM. When installed properly, the Consep reduces corrosion and possible failure of air brake system components caused by contamination and significantly increases the air dryer desiccant life.

Key benefits:

  • Pre-separator with high capacity installed between compressor and Air Dryer
  • Easy to retrofit
  • Removes oil, liquid and other contaminates prior to passage through the air system.
  • Purges contaminants with each brake application.
  • Reduces corrosion and possible failure of air system components caused by contamination.

What sets us apart:

  • Superior efficiency in removal of free water and oil particles.
  • Substantially increases air dryer desiccant life expectancy.


  • Consep Electric
    - Purge control from brake switch or timer relay
    - 12V or 24V applications
    - Metric or NPTF port threads
  • Consep Pneumatic
    - Purge control at compressor cut-off.
    - Metric or NPTF port threads


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