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Provides More Responsive and Precise Braking Control

When NHTSA regulations requiring trailer Anti-lock Braking Systems went into effect in 1998, Haldex had already been producing trailer ABS systems for over 25 years. Today, Haldex ABS and EBS equipped trailers haul freight all over the world, providing controlled safe stopping.

Haldex has an expanded line of Anti-lock Braking Systems that includes both basic ABS in its PLC Select® ABS and Full Function ABS in its PLC Select® FFABS. Whether you need a 2S/1M single channel or 4S/2M multi-channel, multi-trailer configurations, the PLC Select® improves braking performance and vehicle control.

Key benefits:

  • Exclusive control logic, Haldex Select Low/High protocol (SLH), allows Haldex PLC Select to cycle deeper and recover faster.
  • Differences in wheel conditions are sensed, automatically adjusting the ABS to maintain proper braking characteristics at each wheel. 
  • Integrated design for easy installation
  • SLH manages the braking forces between wheels with the highest and lowest rates of deceleration, depending on the road surface conditions, maximizing stability while minimizing stopping distance
  • Improved reliability built into the system minimizes costly, unplanned or on-highway downtime
  • Its modular design makes system upgrades and competitive retrofits simple and economical.

 What sets us apart:

  • Simple robust design reduces costs throughout the vehicle life cycle
  • Fewer components reduce installation and maintenance costs
  • Sensor and power connectors plug directly into ECU with weather-pack connections
  • Primary solenoid cable is part of ECU (second valve required for 2S/1M and 4S/2M applications)
  • Robust mounting bracket has a single fastener design
  • High air flow capacity


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