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Investors Relations & Haldex information

EL1300 Compressor

Part no. EL13060
item status Active
Product line Haldex
4-Hole Base Mount
  • Belt Drive
  • Base Oil Feed
  • Base Oil Drain
  • Water Cooled
  • Overall Height: 11.41 in.
  • Overall Width: 4.84 in.
  • Overall Length: 11.20 in.
  • External Shaft Length: 2.14 in.
  • Approximate Weight: 45 lbs.
  1. Changeover/Installation instructions - L31030.
  2. Service Units are furnished without governors and manifolds and may require head rotation and end cap rotation before installation or changeover.
  3. Typical - Torque Nut to 80-100 ft. lbs.
  4. Include Installation Gaskets.
Call for Availability Tel: 1-800-643-2374
blobid0.png WARNING
Cancer and
Reproductive Harm

Technical specs

OEM Part Number N7006C
Head Rotation Right
Block Rotation Right
Discharge Type Top/Flange
Notes High Capacity Replacement EL16060
Overall Height 11.41 in. (EL1300) or 11.60 in (EL1600)
Overall Width 4.84 in.
Overall Length 11.20 in.
External Shaft Length 2.14 in.
Bore Diameter 2.75 in.
Stroke 1.50 in. (EL1300) or 1.87 in. (EL1600)
Turbo-Charge Pressure 35 Max PSI
Rated Displacement 13.0 CFM (EL1300) or 16.1 CFM (EL1600) @1250 RPM
Approximate Weight 45 lbs.

Related aftermarket part(s)

Part No
EL13060 - EL1300/EL1600 4-Hole Base Mount, Belt Drive, Base Oil
Haldex aftermarket product
EL13060 - EL1300/EL1600 4-Hole Base Mount, Belt Drive, Base Oil
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