Haldex | EL1300/EL1600 Cummins In-Line Engines

EL1300/EL1600 Cummins In-Line Engines

EL1300/EL1600 Cummins In-Line Compressors
  • Top/Flange Discharge Type
  • Double Flange Mount, Gear Drive
  • Flange Oil Feed, Side Option on Service Units


  1. Changeover/Installation Instructions: Bendix to Midland - L31025, Cummins to Midland - L31026, Cummins Long to Midland - L31027.
  2. Service units are furnished without governors and manifolds and may require head rotation and end cap rotation before installation or changeover. Service and remanufactured units have a 1 inch oil drain port with no threads.
  3. When replacing a Cummins-built compressor you must purchase an SN3502 Waterline Kit, SN3711AK Intake Manifold Kit and an SN3711K or L (low profile) Discharge Manifold Kit.
  4. Thru-drive units must not exceed 65 ft. lbs. of transmitted torque.
  5. Port orientation viewed from front.
  6. See Accessories for Compressor Kits.
  7. Torque Nut to 100-135 ft. lbs.