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Foot Control Valve

Part no. 286775X
item status Active
Product line Reman
Reman. Bendix® E-7 Dual Circuit
  • Firewall mounted.
  • Suspended pedal foot valve.
  • Two separate supply and delivery circuits.
  • Used in dual or split air brake systems.
  • Approximate Weight 3.8 lbs.


  1. Available CoreFree™, order part number 286775RX.
  2. Repair Kit use part number 289352K.
Availability - If no Inventory shown, call regional CS
Customer Service US 1-800-643-2374
Customer Service CAN 1-800-267-9247
blobid0.png WARNING
Cancer and
Reproductive Harm

Technical specs

Supply 4 @ 1/4"
Delivery 4 @ 1/4"
Exhaust 1/2"
Supply Ports on Mounting Side 1 @ 1/8" , 2 @ 1/2"
Approximate Weight 3.7 lbs.
Core Group 106E-7
Delivery Ports on Mounting Side 2 @ 1/2"


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