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Haldex offers a wide variety of customer training including on-site trainers at your shop, fleet nights at WDs, regional training in Kansas City and select Friction Centers, live instructor-led web-based training, and self-help training online.


The Haldex Technical Services Team is offering WebTECH online training classes individualized to meet your specific needs. Through your Haldex Representative, the Team will work with you to schedule the date, time, duration, topic and number of participants. The classes can be for large or small groups, tailored to a specific topic request and even include live demonstrations from our lab.

The classes will be short and specific to ensure attention and be respectful of everyone’s time. We will work with larger groups, but smaller sessions with fewer people tend to be more interactive.


To get started, contact your Haldex Representative, to begin discussions and/or schedule a WebTECH Session.

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In-person training

Haldex technical experts offer complete Air Brake Systems and Foundation Brake Training in several regions of the USA and in Canada. Regional Training is
Instructor-led by an ASE certified trainer. These seminars are conducted at our Kansas City Technical Center, our Cambridge Ontario facility, and in our Friction Centers. 

To learn more about future training opportunities and associated cost, please contact your Haldex Account Manager.

NOTE: Haldex does not provide certification. Only your employer can do this. See Brake Inspector Qualification 396.25 on Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration's website.