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Sustainability at Haldex

Haldex contributes to society by developing braking solutions that make vehicles safer, by increasing braking stability, and greener in terms of energy efficiency.

The strategic plan for 2025 consists of three pillars – optimizing the current business, capturing the strategic opportunities, and integrating sustainability into the business model. By delivering on the strategic activities under each pillar, Haldex will achieve profitable growth with a sustainable market position and profitability level while contributing to a sustainable environment.  

Four sustainability areas have been identified as key to making a real difference and, within these areas, global objectives and policies have been established. Haldex has a culture that promotes commitment, responsibility, good ethics in business relationships and positive interaction with the community in which the Group conducts operations. Haldex work within sustainability is categorized into the concepts of Safe Haldex, Ethical Haldex, Green Haldex and Humane Haldex.   

Read more about each of these focus areas below.  


Safe Haldex

Haldex manufactures products to create a safer traffic environment. Haldex works in several dimensions to ensure the safety of both customers and end users, as well as a safe working environment for Haldex employees.

Ethical Haldex

Haldex’s ethics is permeated by the basic values: Customer First, Respect for the Individual and Passion for Excellence. The values are put into practical form and reinforced within the Group’s work with behaviours

Green Haldex

The environmental area is a major and important part of Haldex’s sustainability efforts. Haldex makes active efforts to reduce its environmental impact, which includes reducing environmentally hazardous emissions, and sustainable use of resources.

Humane Haldex

Haldex strives to continuously develop the organization for excellence – through strong, sustainable leadership, competent and dedicated employees and an empowering culture – and always with diversity & inclusion in focus