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EGP Leveling Valve

The EGP Leveling Valve is a modulating valve for precision suspension adjustment. Its unique modulating valve design reacts faster to load changes and adjusts ride height accordingly, without over-or-under adjusting.

Key benefits:

  • Unique design allows for higher airflows (for increased performance) without increasing air consumption unlike most valves which operate as an on or off valve
  • Can be used for left-hand, right-hand or center application from one valve and can be fine-tuned for each particular vehicle
  • Shatter resistant body design has rubber dampening link connectors which help make it resistant to even the harshest road shocks for longer life
  • Metric, NPT and PTC (push to connect) ports make installation easy
  • Available added functions for height limitation, rapid exhaust and dual ride height

EPG Valve

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