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Remote Services


Haldex Remote Services saves workshops time and money

This online service brings in-depth expert knowledge and specialised support to the specialist workshop – quickly and easily via the internet. 


Key benefits


  • Additional expertise 
  • Faster problem diagnosis 
  • Quicker decisions 
  • Faster repair 
  • Less vehicle downtime 
  • No specific investment 
  • No subscription cost 


Direct line to experts 

Whenever there is a lack of resources or expertise on site, a simple call to Haldex Remote Services is all that’s needed. This is particularly helpful if the electronics are baffling workshop personnel. When the workshop computer is connected to the vehicle’s electronics, Haldex experts gain direct access to the problem and can do whatever is needed to fix it. 

The advantage: long telephone discussions are no longer necessary to investigate the problem. Instead, Haldex technicians can access the system and intervene as if on site. 

But the new offering is not limited to just tricky electronics. Workshops do not always have the latest versions of softwares. Haldex Remote Services makes it quick and easy for them to update the systems. And the online support does not come from an anonymous call centre, but from Haldex technicians who speak the client’s language. 


How does it work? 

All you need is a computer with an internet connection and to give a call to Haldex Remote Services. The password-protected login connects the PCs with that of a Haldex service technician who can solve the issues right away. There is no subscription fee, and no special investment is necessary. Haldex charges a moderate flat rate per connection, including the first ten minutes of online support. 

Remote Services is available throughout the EU. 


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