Air Disc Brake - ModulT

Haldex Air disc brake ModulT DBT 22 LT

The Haldex ModulT program is an innovative air disc brake platform developed specifically for the purpose of meeting increased customer demands on performance, robustness, service up-time, weight and total cost.


  • Low weight whilst retaining stiffness and durability
  • A single tappet mechanism with similar clamping force distribution as the Haldex twin tappet mechanism
  • Simplified maintenance safe boltless pad retainer and only two bolts for the complete brake
  • Modular the same mechanism and sliding function design used on multiple brake sizes
  • Long service life stainless sliding pins, PTFE coated steel bushings, and the mechanism bellows is folded inwards thus protected from external affection
  • High efficiency the use of double roller bearings for the mechanism lever keeps the hysteresis low and thus a high efficiency is achieved

The ModulT program consists of a number of variants for various wheel sizes and various applications within the truck, bus and trailer segments.

The basic design of the ModulT consists of a large single tappet mechanism, a monobloc calliper and two sliding pins.

The Haldex ModulT disc brake is designed to provide high performance coupled with durability, low weight and a minimum number of wearing parts.

It can be used for various applications subject to installation approval.