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The only truly sealed double diaphragm spring brake on the Market.

Ice melts, rain dries, but corrosion never takes a day off. In time, water, de-icers, oils and other elements eat away at your actuators.

LifeSeal+ 2.5” and 3.0” stroke models are engineered smart, built strong, and road-tested tough for dependable, durable performance that outlasts ordinary spring brakes. 

    ■ Various sizes
    ■ Threaded forged or welded clevis with stainless steel pin
    ■ Available in various pushrod lengths
    ■ Standard or heavy-duty housing
        • STD - 9 gauge/HD - 8 gauge
        • All 3.0” long stroke features heavy-duty housing
    ■ Standard power spring or high-output power spring
        • Standard power spring-trailer
        • High-output - truck/tractor for greater holding power
        • AM chambers specified bolted clampband providing installation flexibility
        • Variable port angles specified for AM
        • Adaptable port angles specified for OE

t sets us apart:
The only truly sealed double-diaphragm spring brake on the market

8 years, standard duty/long haul
    ■ 4 years, severe duty/vocational



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