Info Point

Info Point

Description Part No. Length NYA/
Connector 1st EB+ Connector 2nd

Info Point incl. Aux cable

815 021 001 7 m  

AUX connector,

3 pole

Info Point,

red = 24V
black = B-
yellow = Tachometer

815 021 011 18 m  

**NYA = Not yet available, NLA = Not longer available


Info Point can save you time and money. It gives a continuous indication even when the trailer is unpowered.

  • Drivers, workshop personnel and fleet managers can spot a fault or service requirement by just glancing at the trailer in the yard without the need for a truck or test box.
  • Info Point is fully programmable so you can choose the trigger conditions to suit your needs. Traditionally faults on trailers are signalled by lamps, either truck or trailer mounted. However, once the power is disconnected from the trailer and the truck has left, there is no way to tell if there is a fault or service requirement. The Haldex Info Point provides a solution to this by giving a black (OK) or red (attention needed) dot display which remains visible once the power source is removed from the trailer.
  • If the number of available auxiliaries is limited and the function of Info Point and COLAS is combined (allowed option!), the refresh of the Info Point only happens if the speed is higher than 15 km/h. This is because simultaneously the ride height is also reset. Therefore the state of the Info Point can be wrong at power up in this kind of setup until end of next trip.
  • Info Point meets the requirements for ADR enabling safer transportation of hazardous goods

Note: In all cases Info Point needs to be connected to AUX1 because of the required tachometer signal.



Id File Document Type Description Date
006 700 026 Commercial brochure Info Point 09/2011
006 700 323 Technical factfile Info Point - Technical Info 04/2008