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EL1300 DDC Compressor

Référence EL13053X
item status Active
Product line Reman
USA 3 paquets standard en inventai
Customer Service CAN 1-800-267-9247
Cancer et
Problèmes de reproduction

Caractéristiques tech.

Head Rotation Right
Block Rotation Left
Application DDC 0° Tilt , 60-Series , Thru-Drive
Notes High Capacity Replacement EL16053X
OEM Part Number NT7005AK Exact Replacement
Core Group 1353
Overall Height 12.00 in. (EL1300), 12.19 in. (EL1600)
Overall Width 6.84 in.
Overall Length 10.45 in.
External Shaft Length .19 in.
Bore Diameter 2.75 in.
Stroke 1.50 in. (EL1300) and 1.87 in. (EL1600)
Rated Displacement 13.0 (EL1300) and 16.1 (EL1600) CFM @ 1250 RPM
Approximate Weight 53 lbs.


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