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Electronic Braking Systems

EBS - The “brain” of your trailer

The EBS system integrates the control of many essential braking functions in a single electronic device. EBS product family is the accumulation of lots of intensive product development program. Using extensive market research and field experiences gained from all the previous generation, our platforms have adopted feature integration as its hallmark, providing a simplified vehicle installation and a low cost of ownership. Haldex engineers have integrated a number of features whilst providing a very simple overall flexible construction.

Over time functionality of our Electronic Braking Systems have extended, either by new subsystems or new auxiliary features. From trailer lift axles, brake wear sensors, Reset-to-Ride function and Soft Docking to Fleet+, Tire Pressure Monitoring, all EBS generations are able to integrate lots of systems. In this way, Haldex takes into account the rapidly growing number of wide-ranging systems that communicate with EBS.


What sets us apart

Haldex continues to drive innovation as one of the world’s leading
manufacturer’s of trailer Electronic Braking Systems. This innovation,
coupled with our vast knowledge and experience of trailer braking, has shown
that our current EB+ system has many advantages over its competitors.
Our next generation EB+ product continues to build on this experience
and with the valued input of some of Europe’s leading trailer manufacturers
we have captured that ingenuity and created a new and more dynamic and
flexible system, with additional built in features to suit the needs of all trailer
builders, fleets and end users.

EB+ 4.0 et EB+ Gen3


EB+ 4.0

An open platform that offers a new modular approach  


EB+ Gen3

 Extensive software and hardware development

EBS applications


EB+ Load Transfer

Intelligent axle load management


EB+ Soft Docking

Many safe returns



Under pressure



Perfect transparency


State of the art, flexible, upgradeable anti-lock system for trailers
  • Robust design, re-using well proven valve design from the Haldex Modular ABS product family
  • Same basic product concept adoptable for different trailer configurations
  • Easy to service individual parts of the product
  • Connectors are based on proven EBS style technology
  • Flexible auxiliary functions to fit specific installation needs
  • "Drop in" serviceable replacement for Modular and Modal installations
  • Different level of diagnostics to meet various customer demands

A global trailer brake platform


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