Haldex | Vision and Strategy

Vision and Strategy

Haldex is guided by its long-term vision of Driving Innovation for a Safer and Greener World. We are driving innovation within braking systems, actively moving ahead of the industry. The solutions are safer in terms of braking stability, and greener in terms of energy efficiency. Through strategic partnerships, Haldex challenges existing technology, while remaining an independent partner in the value chain.


Driving Innovation for a Safer and Greener World

Strategy 2025

The strategy for 2025 consists of three pillars – optimizing the current business, capturing the strategic opportunities, and integrating sustainability into the business model. Each strategic pillar consists of activities that can be categorized into drivers for sales growth and drivers for profitability and capital efficiency through a reduced cost base.

By delivering on these strategic activities, Haldex will achieve profitable growth towards a sustainable position, meaning a sustainable market position and a sustainable profitability level while contributing to a sustainable environment.


Drive Sales growth and higher profitability...


...through strategic initiatives

Outperform industry in conventional products and aftermarket
  • Grow aftermarket and maintain share above 50%
  • Capture disc brakes shift in Americas and Asia
  • Growth within next generation EBS
Develop disruptive technologies and expand in adjacent markets
  • Expand aftermarket via private brands
  • Leverage join venture partnership with FAST group
  • Continue product development


Drive operational excellence and utilize global best-cost mindset
  • Focus on best-cost suppliers and reduction of direct material cost base - drive global resource efficiency
  • Modular approach to product development


Leverage partnerships to develop disruptive technologies
  • Utilize existing and establish new partnerships for development and funding of innovations
    • Synergies in product development
    • Access to market & best-cost suppliers