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About Haldex

Driving Innovation for a Safer and Greener World

Haldex has unrivaled expertise when it comes to brake and air suspension systems for heavy vehicles.

Haldex is a leading manufacturer of reliable and innovative brake systems and air suspension solutions that enhance the safety, dynamics and durability of heavy vehicles. Haldex’s customers are mainly large manufacturers of trucks, buses and trailers in North America, Europe and Asia. On the aftermarket Haldex offers spare parts and servicing to distributors, workshops and large logistics companies. Haldex was founded in Landskrona in 1887 and has since been notable for innovative research and development work that has created groundbreaking technological vehicle solutions. Development today is focused on safety and the future of electrified, autonomous and connected heavy vehicles.

Haldex’s operations are global, with more than 2,200 employees spread across 19 countries.