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Corporate governance

Responsibility for the governance and control of the Haldex Group is divided among the shareholders, the Board of Directors, its elected committees and the President.

Steering instruments that form the basis for corporate governance in Haldex primarily include the Swedish Companies Act, the Annual Accounts Act, applicable regulations for publicly traded companies on the Nasdaq Stockholm, the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance and other pertinent legislation and rules.

Internal binding steering instruments include the Articles of Association adopted by the Annual General Meeting, and documents approved by the Board that include the Operating Procedures of the Board of Directors in Haldex, Directives for the Compensation and Audit Committees, Instructions for the President in Haldex, the Communications Policy and the Treasury Policy. In addition to the above, the Group has a number of policies and manuals that contain binding regulations as well as recommendations that specify principles and provide guidance for the Group’s operations and employees. An example of one of these documents is Haldex’s Vision & Values.