Haldex | Corporate Governance

Corporate Governance

Haldex AB (publ) (‘Haldex’ or ‘the company’) is a Swedish public limited company with ­registered office in Landskrona, listed on Nasdaq Stockholm, Mid Cap. Corporate governance in ­Haldex is based upon the Swedish Companies Act, the Annual Accounts Act, Nasdaq Stockholm’s Rule Book for Issuers and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. 


Swedish Code of Corporate Governance

In accordance with good stock market practice, Haldex applies the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. The current code is available on the Swedish Corporate Governance Board’s website, www.bolagsstyrning.se. However, during parts of the financial year 2021 Haldex deviated from the rules on a nomination committee under Section III(2) of the Code as the General Meeting had not appointed a formal nomination committee. Instructions for the composition of the Nomination Committee and its work were adopted in conjunction with the 2021 Annual General Meeting.


Shareholders and General Meeting

The shareholders of Haldex exercise their right to decide on the company’s affairs at the General Meeting. The General Meeting is Haldex’s highest decision-making body. The General Meeting decides on the articles of association, elects the Board of Directors and auditors, and makes decisions on their fees.

The General Meeting further decides on adoption of the accounts, on the appropriation of the company's profit or loss and on discharge from liability for the Board of Directors and the CEO. The General Meeting also decides on the appointment and work of the Nomination ­Committee, and decides on principles for remuneration and terms of employment for the CEO and other senior executives. Haldex’s Annual General Meeting is usually held in April or May.