Haldex | Internal Control

Internal Control

The Board's responsibility for internal control is regulated by the Swedish Companies Act and the Swedish Code of Corporate Governance. Internal control within Haldex is a process that is controlled by the Board of Directors and the Audit Committee and is exercised by the CEO and Group Management.

Internal control has been designed to ensure, as far as possible, that Haldex has appropriate and reliable reporting and compliance with applicable laws and other statutory instruments. The process is based on a control environment that creates a structure for other parts of the process, such as risk assessment, control activities, information and communication and follow-up.

The Board monitors and ensures the quality of external financial reporting in the manner documented in the Board’s rules of procedure, in the instruction for the CEO and in the Group’s financial policy. The CEO is responsible, together with the CFO, for review and quality assurance of all external financial reporting such as interim reports, year-end reports, annual reports, press releases with financial content and presentation material in connection with meetings with mass media, shareholders and financial institutions. The CEO and CFO provide all interim reports, year-end reports and annual reports for review by the Audit Committee. The Board is responsible for ensuring that the company's financial reports are prepared in accordance with applicable laws, accounting standards and other requirements for listed companies. The Board's instructions to the CEO also contain a requirement to continuously provide the Board with internal summary reports on economic conditions.

These reports are to include income statements and balance sheets, measurement issues, assessments, forecasts and any changes and the consequences thereof, any changes regarding accounting rules, legal matters and disputes and are to be presented to the Board.

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