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The people working at Haldex are without a doubt our most valuable asset. Without the competence and commitment from all employees around the world, our long-standing success in this highly competitive commercial vehicle business would not be possible. To create and maintain attractive workplaces, where our employees can thrive and further develop, will always be a top priority for us. We are committed to Haldex being an attractive workplace that offers professional development and a high level of job satisfaction, where employees feel committed to customers and the business.

Our values – Customer first, Respect for the individual and Passion for excellence - are the foundation of everything we do and they mirror what we believe in. And based on our values, we have four defined behaviors to guide us in our daily working life: Challenge, Collaborate, Commit & Deliver, Celebrate. We call them our 4C’s. These values and behaviors form our Haldex culture, a culture we are very proud of.

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Employees all around the world.
We have offices in 18 countries.
Females in a manager position.

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Haldex in the world

Haldex operates sales, R&D and manufacturing all over the world and we have offices in 19 countries. Production is located close to the customer, with production in Brazil, China, Hungary, India, Mexico, United States and Sweden. By producing within the region where the customer uses the product, Haldex can provide better service, be more flexible and optimize lead times, while at the same time minimizing the costs of transport and thus CO2-emissions.


Region Americas is Haldex's largest market and accounts for about 52% of the company's sales. Region EMEA is Haldex's second largest market and accounts for 42% of the company's sales followed by region APAC which accounts for 6%.