Download the latest version of Haldex Diagnostic Software, also Firmware for ECU and Diagnostic Interfaces.
Please handle any software update with care! If you are in doubt about the procedure please contact your local Haldex contact.

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EB+ Gen1 / Gen2 / Gen3 U-ABS

DIAG+ v6.22

Diagnostic software tool for EBS and U-ABS systems.

Flash update for EB+ Gen1 / Gen2 / Gen3

Detects the connected EB+ hardware and continue with the required software.

  • C616 – GEN1 1M/2M
  • C617 – GEN1 3M
  • C618 – GEN2 2M/3M with MC (Atomic)
  • D720 – GEN2 2M/3M with MC (FJ3)
  • E755 – GEN3

Note: We have been notified of a number of GEN3 ECU’s that cannot be re-flashed, which could affect units with software earlier than E707. After a failed re-flash attempt the parts continue to operate correctly with the original software.  

Haldex recommend not to flash update any of our EB+ products, until advised to by Haldex.


Flash update for EB+ Info Centre

G683 / Updater v1.0

FLEET+ v3.32

Analysis tool for EB+ data logs.

FLEET+ v2.9

Analysis tool for EB+ data logs.

  • For all EB+ variants.
  • Does not require a special dongle, but has limited function compared to v3.x.
  • English language version only.
USB Dongle Interface

 USB Dongle Driver

CDM v2.12.28 WHQL Certified

Flash update for USB Diagnostic Interface

G687 / Updater v2.0

Latest review: 16/08/2021

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