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Haldex has over 100 years of braking knowledge which is now collated together in the Haldex Academy offering training for all aspects of brake solutions for commercial and heavy vehicles. Whether this is e-learning, webinars, face-to-face training, or video tutorials. Enhancing employee competencies is a well-proven way to increase job satisfaction, boost productivity, safe working practices, and add value to your business.

The Haldex Academy brings all of this knowledge and learning to your fingertips allowing you to select the course most relevant to your needs. 

Popular courses

EBS Training

EBS - EB+ 4.0

Learn about the latest generation EB+ 4.0 system from Haldex including its innovative features and also discover the brand new DIAG++ configuration and diagnostic software.


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EBS EB+4.0

All our courses

All course listings offering a wide range of trainings available. The choice is yours, book a webinar, a face to face or an e-learning training module all here.

All our courses

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Face-to-face training

Direct, in person training with a Haldex Specialist at one of our venues in your region



Training carried out online with a Haldex Specialist allowing us to train you remotely anywhere in the world



An online training course which can conveniently carry out at your leisure


Videos and tutorials

Short videos providing instant instructive and informative information on a multitude of Haldex components.

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